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Grilled potatoes, again

OK, I made these grilled potatoes again, and this time not only left the skin on most of them for extra texture and taste but got a better picture. Ha! Though I poked plenty of holes in the potato for the marinade to soak in, it wasn’t enough. So I suggest that if you’re leaving […]

Grilled potatoes

I’ve never tried marinating and grilling. You know, one of those things you feel you’ll never get right. Even after years of getting an oven and grill. But enough drooling over the kababs in restaurants I told myself. Get going already! So these were a first attempt and they’re just marinated and grilled potatoes and […]

Snack in a box, potato wedges

potato wedges

Kids loooooove potatoes, mostly! Sid does and he loves baked potato wedges. I’ve always made these for breakfast, with eggs, but figured it’d make a good snack for a short break at school too! You need about 40 minutes time in the morning to get this done from scratch, but you don’t have to be busy […]

Corn and cheese canapes

Remember those canapes (from the bhel recipe) we said were so versatile? Here’s another smashing filling you can make to go in the canapes. Thanks Suchitra Sawkar for sending it in :)! Prep time: Filling: 10 minutes Sauce: 5 minutes Frying/baking and assembling: 20 minutes Serves: Makes for up to 20-25 canapes Ingredients: 1 pack […]

Bhel goes tish-tosh

I’ve always associated chaat with a homely snack. Yes, we used to predominantly hog at stalls by the road in our younger days. Now even moms and aunts, and grandmoms love the taste so we’ve started making chaat at home, served heaped by the plateful even to guests. But dressed right, it can also make […]

Desi Nachos

If you balk at shelling out Rs.250 to 300 on a standard pack of nacho chips just because they’ve flown in from far shores, this is just the nacho salad for you. I’d been to my niece’s for dinner last night and she showed me this fantastic recipe! It’s a great variant of the Mexican […]

Olive, pepper and cheese starter

This one’s my own. Discovered it while I was looking to make a fresh starter with  ingredients already in stock… You can mix and match the ingredients in any combination you  want. Makes for great pairing with white  wine to begin with. This platter has cheese, black olives and yellow bell peppers What you need: Cheese, (like processed cheddar). […]