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Very South

Every time we have friends over for lunch or dinner, we end up having a mix of continental and Indian. Most times, north Indian. Realized we hadn’t  had our neighbours over, ever, for a typical south Indian meal, duh! So here are some pictures to share, all captured by Chirag, of our very south Indian […]

Dry fruits ‘holige’, sweet dish

This is a very different holige ( a sweet dish very prevalent and loved in India) sent in by Neeta Hegde. She sent it to me long back, and I’ve been keeping it under cover unwittingly :). Here it is, Neeta! It has a dry fruit filling, instead of the regulation cocnut+jaggery or lentils+jaggery fillings. […]

Aval milk

This one’s new to me alright! I categorized it as a breakfast and a dessert, coz I think it would fit both. STB doesn’t yet have a category for refreshing drinks…hmmm. – Anu This is a local quencher found in Northern Kerala. If you happen to be in any village in Kerala, then you can […]

Maddur vade

Channapatna, Maddur, Mandya…stops any Bangalorean traveling to Mysore knows, by the wares that vendors bring along the route… Maddur is different from the others, as it wafts up the aroma of the long famous Maddur vade (a fritter) into train windows and bus doors. It seems like the vendors know the trick, hold it as […]

Roasted Vegetable Kurma

A kurma can range from being mildly spicy and a little sweet to pretty fiery. This is my takes on a basic vegetable kurma that still is a staple at my parents’ table. What I like about this way of making it is the flavor that pre-roasting each vegetable adds to the kurma and the […]

Chundal – The All Time Snack

Rajesh shares an age old chundal (sundal) recipe that’s straight from the heartland of south Indian food. Amma prepares this on Navarathri days. I used to hog it like crazy, cause I wouldn’t get it after the festival. Then when I started cooking on my own (I was away for home for some time), I rediscovered […]

Avarakaalu sambar (a green bean variety)

The avarekaalu (a green bean) is great favourite in Karnataka in the winter months. Come avarekaalu season and households are eating everything avarekaalu. If breakfast is avarekaalu upma, lunch is avarekaalu sambar. A snack? Avarekaalu kodbele (a fried snack), or just fried and spiced avarekaalu. Breakfast the next day… sigh, avarekaalu sundal as a side (a […]

Ragi rotti

The akki rotti (rice rotti) is the quintessential south Indian breakfast. It’s got the staple rice flour and you can make any number of variations you can think of. I wouldn’t call ragi rotti a variation, it’s more of a sister breakfast. Make this with ragi (millet) flour instead of rice. Ragi is very healthy […]

‘Neer’ dosa

This is a single ingredient (if you don’t count water!) easy dosa recipe which is popular throughout Karnataka. I’m sure there are variations across the southern states, so if you know of some, write in! Neeta Hegde shares this with us :). “Neeru” is water in Kannada. Prep time: Soak rice: Overnight Batter: 10 minutes […]


Morkozhambhu is an all-time favorite over at our house. The husband loves it so much that he could eat it every single day and not complain. It can be a huge hit with the kiddies as well, since it is tangy and has a distinctive color to it.