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Classic French onion soup

A classic soup in 5 or 6 ingredients only. Very easy to give in to trying, especially if you have been watching culinary show after show on a rainy evening. The urge to get off that sofa and into the kitchen… was worth it. Making French onion soup when you already have white wine at […]

Spinach and carrot soup

Winter’s nearly gone in this part of the world and here I am posting the first winter warmer soup. Surprisingly we’ve had very little soup this winter at home. I guess it just wasn’t on the radar. This is ‘farevite’ of my younger one as well as Sid, so we do make it as often […]

Vegetarian minestrone soup

Is 2011 getting on to a slow start! I realize it’s been nearly two weeks since I posted anything, so maybe that was just a slow end to 2010! So first off, a very happy new year to every one of you and may you have the best of everything in this new year! Healthy […]

Simple soups for a (silly) Toddler

I make so many variations of a veg/ chicken soup for my two-year-old pumpkin, that I’ve had to write them down, so I don’t forget. (All these soups are strained, so they go in quickly and she doesn’t lose interest, suddenly jumping off my lap to hurtle across the room – silly, but true). Don’t […]

Tom Yum tried…

So I tried making the Tom Yum recipe that I’d posted a couple of days ago. There wasn’t much experimenting in the kitchen the lst few days as both kids were unwell, but thankfully that’s over! It came out pretty well, except I didn’t make it very spicy. Added very little chilli sauce. I managed […]

Tom Yum Soup (vegetarian)

A friend, Rajesh, wanted a ‘local’ version of the Thai classic, Tom Yum soup. With no fish sauce. Purists will balk, but I venture. As mine is a vegetraian household as well, I started looking for substitutes to fish sauce. And found many others looking too! There isn’t an exact substitute, they say. Only distant […]