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Easy bread pizza

Think pizza, think cheese! It’s usually the cheese we balk at, double layers of it if you please on some pizzas! I mean, what were they smoking…?! So when a pizza urge strikes but you don’t want to be fat stricken too, this recipe is the saviour. Use just a smattering of cheese, or mix […]

Snack in a box, berrylicious!

Hallelujah! It’s a berry happy day! Sid loved both the cereal-choco chip and cranberry-oats cookies and agreed to have them packed for his school snack today! I mean, how else do you get an 8-year old on a fries and candy rush to eat oats?! Added one of his fave fruits, fresh strawberries, along with […]

Idli upma

There’s nothing quite like remembering out of the blue one of grandma’s recipes, trying it out and hoping it brings back just what you tasted and felt all those years ago. Idli upma. We’d come home from school, hungry, and if she gave us idlis, wrinkle our noses at them coz we’d had them for […]

No-deep-fry potato bondas

Who doesn’t want an alternative to deep fried yummies these days?! And if there’s one thing that Indians can’t seem to stay away from, it’s the deep fried goodies. Bondas, chips, snacks, most evening, morning or any-time-of-the-day snacks are deep fried. here’s an alternative way of making potato bondas with a fraction of the oil […]

Andy’s cutlets

Here’s that great cutlets recipe from Andy! “When I was in school, we had this whole system of a tuck shop every once in a while where the school made us kids bring food from home and sell it in school and give the proceeds to them.  What a racket I say! But we used […]

Maddur vade

Channapatna, Maddur, Mandya…stops any Bangalorean traveling to Mysore knows, by the wares that vendors bring along the route… Maddur is different from the others, as it wafts up the aroma of the long famous Maddur vade (a fritter) into train windows and bus doors. It seems like the vendors know the trick, hold it as […]

Comfort snack: buns, butter… jam?

One of Nigella’s (from the Nigella Bites show) is a midnight snack comforter that has thick chunks of bread, milk and sugar in generous quantities in a generous sized bowl! This one’s not far from it. It can be a great snack for kids. And Rajesh, you haven’t grown up :), which is good! Rajesh […]

Easy peanut-sugar chikki

My mother-in-law is SO good at making this, it’ll be a while before I can catch up! So here she is, making a favourite chewy munchie for the kids, again. Her recipe for peanut chikki… Ingredients: 1 cup roasted and coarsely ground peanuts. You need to roast and remove the outer skin before you can […]

Snack in a box, baby corn

baby corn and carrots

Baby corn with spring onions and a julienned carrot make for a healthy, quick snack for a short break at aschool.

Snack in a box update, corn canapes

Corn canapes

Those canapes are still in my pantry and so was some fresh corn. Combining the two this way?