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Recipe Cards: Beet Hummus

Stuffed chilli bajjis

Last evening I stepped into the kitchen to make Anu’s chilli sabzi. Once there, I chanced on some boiled potatoes and thought of trying out a stuffed chilli subzi instead. If you are a diva in the kitchen, you may not think this is a big deal, but for me it was, since I don’t […]

Great big green chillies in a curry

They’re most commonly found on rainy, chilly evenings in steaming street carts in India, doused in batter and so very deep fried, that it is hard to recognize them hobnobbing with other staple vegetables on a plate at lunch. I’m talking about the great big green chilli. Waving it once in front of my younger […]

Roasted Cauliflower with Almonds

If like me you never tire of cauliflower as a side or even as a snack, if you think you’ll like it mildly spiced, crunchy and a bit browned from roasting, say with toasted almonds to top it off, then this one is for you. See recipe here

Drumstick Gojju

This dish is a slight variation to the drumstick `palya’ Anu published. Gojju, in kannada means a slightly spicy gravy (unlike sambar, which is less spicier than gojju and also lighter in terms of consistency. Also, no dhal is added to gojju while it is integral for sambar). It is usually an accompaniment to chapathi […]

Potatoes in coriander side dish

potatoes and coriander 2

Love the size and and ‘manageability’, if I can call it that, of baby potatoes! This one is from Haima.

‘Tadka’ peas

Here’s another one from Dipti Mathur. Peas for breakfast, you say? Why not? And the recipe is simplicity itself! I love this recipe as it is a very tasty way of consuming those dreaded ‘healthy greens’. Additionally, I love having it for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee. Prep time: 20 minutes Serves: 2 Ingredients Green […]