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Tender bean and corn salad

This super simple recipe has been too long in the making! Am sure it was almost a year ago that Ayesha told me about a friend having made this. Been meaning to try it out ever since. It is a simple, clean, and quick one. You need: Slender, tender green beans, washed, and chopped at […]

Press… refresh!

Cool. Ice. Breeze. Cool again. Mantra for the summer? Then this cool salad will definitely fit in! Great if you;re in the mood for trying a new blend of flavours. I loved it… And the best part is, the dressing is au naturelle. 2 ingredients only! You need: 1 small head iceberg lettuce <just saying […]

Snack in a box, bento-like tryouts

Methi rotis (fenugreek leaves in Indian bread) is a staple in Sid’s lunch box. Phew huh? He eats methi! But just the roti is always a bit dry I feel so I used to throw in some raw carrots and cucumbers along with them. And I mean literally throw them in. But now we’re in […]

Yellow tomatoes, roast peppers and mint salad

I’m quite the rabid soul when I come across veggies in the market one doesn’t see usually. My eye falls on it and I HAVE to get there before someone else can reach that last packet and remove it from my grasp permanently. Furtive glances to spot the competition, and a beeline for the stall […]

Watermelon, cucumber and feta salad

That kick-ass lunch we had last saturday with cool friends and wine flowing like water? We ate too. A very very refreshing salad was part of that meal. Watermelon, cucumber, and feta cheese. (I’d read about melon, cucmber and goat cheese salad and decided to try it with feta instead). I’d wondered about fruit in […]

Snack in a box, pasta salad

pasta salad

Quite really the simplest of pasta salads. Sid doesn’t like any of the veggies that typically go in a pasta salad. So I just leave it plain. With a little butter, salt and oregano seasoning. It’s still healthy!

Greek salad (my version)

Even when you want Greek, you have to make do with what’s available round the corner from Jayanagar. So here’s a local version of the Mediterranean salad. You still need the basic feta cheese and olives which are very Greek, yes. The classic salad has red vine tomatoes, cucumber and kalamata olives. It’s served on […]

French bean salad

Neeta Hegde shares another cool one! This crunchy french bean salad is great as a starter or a side for your meal. Prep time: Chopping and cooking: 20 minutes Refrigeration time: 1 hour Serves: 2 Ingredients 2 cups of fresh, tender baby french beans 2 small tender onions chopped 3 tablespoon of vinegar 2 tablespoons […]

Snack in a box, raw carrots, cucumbers

Salad shapes

This morning I used my mini cookie cutters on some sliced carrots and cucumbers for Sid’s morning snack. Love the way they look!

Bulgur wheat salad

Contributed by Poornima Padmanabhan @ Bengaluru Foodie! It’s embarassingly simple but that’s how I like it – easy and yummy. Bulgur is much more easily available in India than couscous (and according to my dad, used to be the staple carb in his family before rice got popular)… You can substitute any kind of carb, […]