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Turkish Delights: Konyali

(Only second in the Turkey series, which is long overdue, in my mind, because I do NOT want to forget :)) Meandering through the first and second courtyards of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul (there are four courtyards, with loads of rooms, kiosks, and gardens in each) the entire morning can leave you with quite […]

Food and some smooth Jazz

The Rogue Elephant restaurant, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Much had been heard about The Rogue Elephant restaurant attached to Ambara in Ulsoor. Much delight happened when they opened up way closer home! It was a perfect Sunday lunch here today with the family. LOVE it when I don’t have to drive far, don’t have to worry about sitting in cloistered A/C or burning […]

The Ranga Shankara Cafe

Sipping hot coffee in the company of Bertolt Brecht, tea with Oscar Wilde, or sabudana vada with Chetan Bhagat – Ranga Shankara cafe has it all. A much needed shot in the veins for theatre in Bengaluru, Ranga Shankara’s opening in 2004 was greeted with whoops of joy by folk for whom the Times Theatre […]

Food-view: Cafe Mondo

It’s been a rainy morning drizzling it’s way into a rainy afternoon. Just the kinda weather for a by-two Bangalore coffee…or a hot cuppa all for yourself. I decided to try a cappuccino at Cafe Mondo, a fairly new little cafe located in between Jayanagar and Basavanagudi. It’s at Arumugam Circle, if you want to […]