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Grilled potatoes, again

OK, I made these grilled potatoes again, and this time not only left the skin on most of them for extra texture and taste but got a better picture. Ha! Though I poked plenty of holes in the potato for the marinade to soak in, it wasn’t enough. So I suggest that if you’re leaving […]

Grilled potatoes

I’ve never tried marinating and grilling. You know, one of those things you feel you’ll never get right. Even after years of getting an oven and grill. But enough drooling over the kababs in restaurants I told myself. Get going already! So these were a first attempt and they’re just marinated and grilled potatoes and […]

Potatoes in coriander side dish

potatoes and coriander 2

Love the size and and ‘manageability’, if I can call it that, of baby potatoes! This one is from Haima.

Mushrooms and dips

This is for Suman’s son, Pranav, who loves mushrooms! It’s quite basic, the punch is in the dips. I’ll share more soon. I’ve baked these mushrooms, along with potatoes and red peppers, in an oven. You can try baking in a microwave to get the same results. These are similar to the potato wedges recipe, and […]

Snack in a box, potato wedges

potato wedges

Kids loooooove potatoes, mostly! Sid does and he loves baked potato wedges. I’ve always made these for breakfast, with eggs, but figured it’d make a good snack for a short break at school too! You need about 40 minutes time in the morning to get this done from scratch, but you don’t have to be busy […]

Fried capsicum/potatoes

The first reader’s recipe is in! And it’s fun! Dipti Mathur sends this in from the UK. I love this simple quick recipe as it does not require me to cut any onions or ginger. Additionally, I love the tangy flavour. Ingredients: Capsicum (2) Potato (1 large) Cumin Seeds Lemon Juice(2 teaspoons) Salt A spoon of oil […]