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Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is another of those dishes believed to have been born out of leftovers. The day after a big pot roast or leg of lamb dinner there is invariably leftover meat, potatoes and other veggies. Although it is thought to have been christened about a 125 years ago (give or take a few decades) […]

Luscious lemon curd and chocolate yogurt pies!

lemon curd pie

It’s official. The pie bug has bitten. And hard. I’m not at all sad there isn’t a cure :). Who’d want to stay away from these luscious lovelies?! Harini (I shall have to call her Martha now) shares two most delicious no-bake-fill pies.

Pie overcome!

apple pie

Harini takes the pie challenge and comes out aces! Who can say this is her first pie :)?! Luscious apples jostle for space inside this rich crust

Blueberry pie

pie large

A scrumptious blueberry pie!