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Chillis and peppers

The second recipe on the table, after the chocolate cake of last week. Which is saying something, considering it has been about 6 months since I logged in to this site. Jamie Oliver..though I find him and his ever-so-cavalier shows..starts up an itch to try fresh fresh fresh ingredients. So finding these super sized chillis […]

Peppers stuffed with zucchini/brinjal

This one’s from an old cookbook I have. Modified, a little bit as always, to suit the local flavours. The original recipe has brinjals (aubergines) in the stuffing. But I had quite a lot of zucchini from my organic produce drop off, so I tried with those instead, with great results. Hubs is working from home […]

Red and yellow peppers curry

It doesn’t have to be continental all the way with red and yellow peppers. They make a great side dish for rotis/phulkas. All this curry needs is some Indian spice! The peppers are sweet and the spice is well…spicy, so they work really well together.  It’s so simple and hardly takes any time to make. […]

Fried capsicum/potatoes

The first reader’s recipe is in! And it’s fun! Dipti Mathur sends this in from the UK. I love this simple quick recipe as it does not require me to cut any onions or ginger. Additionally, I love the tangy flavour. Ingredients: Capsicum (2) Potato (1 large) Cumin Seeds Lemon Juice(2 teaspoons) Salt A spoon of oil […]