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Mushroom and red chilli stir fry

This is one of those dishes that happen when you’re unhappy with whatever you’ve already decided for the lunch menu and have to try your hand at some serendipitous cooking. In spite of having a red and green peppers curry all ready I had to chop up those fresh mushrooms and some luscious fresh red […]

Mushrooms and corn on toast

Warm toast, mushrooms and corn. A grating of cheese and fresh, crushed pepper. Dollop of butter on the toast. Put a pot of hot, aromatic tea by the side ~~~~~~, and get as close to a morning’s nirvana as you can get. Prep time: 15 minutes Serves: 2 You need: 200 grams button mushrooms, destemmed, […]

Mushrooms and dips

This is for Suman’s son, Pranav, who loves mushrooms! It’s quite basic, the punch is in the dips. I’ll share more soon. I’ve baked these mushrooms, along with potatoes and red peppers, in an oven. You can try baking in a microwave to get the same results. These are similar to the┬ápotato wedges recipe, and […]

Mushroom quiche, easy as pie :)

Mushroom quiche

A mushroom quiche makes a perfectly filling dinner for two, with a salad on the side.