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Salt n Peppa roundup

The salt n peppa link party’s been a cool one folk :). From cool canines to impeccable butlers, it ws a fun range of shakers. Here is the round up. A huuuuuuuuuuuuge THANK YOU to all of you who participated, commented and generally encouraged the carnival along it’s fledgling way! Reason enough to have some more […]

Hugs from Sharon!

OK folk, here’s the final and very adorable entry for the salt n peppa carnival! Sharon, from The Keybunch, has taken time and found the perfect pair of them. They are everything cosy for the breakfast table. They hug  to save space on the table, says Sharon. Isn’t that something?! Thanks a mill Sharon for […]

Vidhya’s balancing act

Here’s another entry for the salt ‘n’ peppa carnival! And this one’s a canine trying to do a balancing act between something salty and spicy. Which one wins? Am sure they both have their days :)… Thanks Vidhya Thanarajan for sending this in! To see all entries or to join in – click here!

Sudha’s sunshine shakers

Sudha of Avial and Rasam (LOVE the name!) shares her colourful beauties for the salt n peppa carnival on her blog here! Her blog has some great recipes and articles on food too, check it out. To check out all entries click here Thanks a bunch Sudha!

Preethi’s wild one

I’m completely excited to be hearing from so many lovely folk on the salt n peppa celeb! Preethi Prabhu’s ultra cute zebra is at home in fire-like light. It’s hand made ceramic. Thanks a bunch, Preethi, for sending this in :). I couldn’t decide between the two lovely pictures she’s taken, so here are both! –

Vandana’s and a puzzling pair

Vandana’s functional pepper grinder and salt shaker from Trader Joe’s sit so pretty on her table. Thanks Vandana, for sharing :). I loved the complete simplicity of these too. Found them on style hive and they’re such beauties! For the geeky, this pair’s the one! Image source: Join the carnival here!

Dipti’s pair

Dipti Mathur (who’s been sending in some great recipes to STB) sends her pair of grinders and shakers to the carnival. Thanks Dipti!

Neeti’s cool cats

Neeti Sukhtankar says, “And here’s my entry, a bit chipped, but what the heck, these two cats add a lot of meow to my dining table! I especially love the way their eyes look askance!” I agree, you’ve got cool cats for company :). Thanks a bunch for sending this in Neeti! And by the way, Neeti […]

Shilpa’s cutest!

“If you would drink this, sir. It’s a little preparation of my own invention. Gentlemen have told me they find it extremely invigorating after a late evening.” The line that bound Jeeves to Wooster the very first time the gentleman’s gentleman arrived at the third floor doorstep on Berkeley Street and put Wooster out of […]

Jay’s shakers for the salt and peppa fest!

Jay sends in her trusty blues and mixed pepper grinder for the fest. She roosts over Jay’s Recipe Box :), a great site with twists on recipes you can’t resist! Thanks for sending this in Jay… To join the carnival, click here.