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Snack in a box, raw mango, skewered

‘Tis the bitter-sweet season. Heat and rain, bleary-eyed school mornings and fun snack box-packing. Yerrrsssssss! Another school year begins and it’s time to put on those thinking chef hats (they called toques, seriously?!). My older one loves raw mango, so this is a first time attempt to get that into the snack box and make […]

Decorating kiddo’s lunch

I’ve been a bit lax in thinking up stuff for the kiddo’s lunch and snack of late. Blame it on being a nuclear family again and having tons to do!  Sid normally takes pulao (pilaf) or rotis for lunch. So I always accompany the rice with cucumbers or carrots. Taking inspiration from Happy Little Bento […]

Simple soups for a (silly) Toddler

I make so many variations of a veg/ chicken soup for my two-year-old pumpkin, that I’ve had to write them down, so I don’t forget. (All these soups are strained, so they go in quickly and she doesn’t lose interest, suddenly jumping off my lap to hurtle across the room – silly, but true). Don’t […]

Reader says

Here’s what Erlynn has to say about packaging food for kids. Thanks for writing in Erlynn! “An inexpensive way would be to use biscuit cutters after you’ve made the sandwich, pancake or dosa. There are a wide range of them available now a days. My daughter used to love the different shapes in her tiffin […]

Pancakes – banana, pumpkin, or mango!

Here’s one that worked very well… Apu loves this breakfast and always gobbles up a couple… PANCAKES: ½ cup maida ½ cup wheat flour (Atta) 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 1 and a ½ cups milk 1 egg I tsp melted butter Pumpkin / banana / mango puree (optional) Put the dry ingredients […]

Kid stuff! “Packaging” food

pancake egg rings

Use pancake rings to make very eatable shapes. Try them with eggs, dosas even. Great for kids!

“Dressing” it up!

Says Devika, mommy to Apu, age 4: “Try scrambled eggs with brocoli :). Works like a dream. The broccoli gives the egg a sick green tinge – apu loved it ;-)”. This is a must try!

Kid stuff! Snacks: Sprouts and Pomegranate salad

Mixing colorful fruit with healthy sprouts may work for your kid. Try this as a quick snack, at home, or in a box for school. This recipe makes 4 small servings. You can refrigerate and use it on a couple of occasions. Moong is small green lentils with the husk on, and yellow when the […]

Snack in a box, pasta and fruit

When friends asked about getting kids to eat healthy snacks instead of the fried crunchies that rule the market and those little palates, I started writing this intro. And this pasta-fruit salad just happened while I was writing. I kept thinking about how kids say they don’t like vegetables, and thought, why not fruits? Do […]