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Snack in a box, antioxidants!

It’s fruit attack day…and not mangoes! The fruit bowl has simply been overflowing with mangoes this season but the snack in the box today focused on antioxidnats. Perhaps the pollution along the school route has something to do with the frame of mind? Though, I must admit, I don’t know in what forms oxidants do […]

Snack in a box, orange and red!

Love those tiny little oranges that you just want to slurp down all in one gulp :)? Ok, that may be a little difficult… and they’re even better when you slice them up and can see all the orange glory inside! Sid loves to have them sliced or simply cut in half with a little […]

Snack in a box, bento-like tryouts

Methi rotis (fenugreek leaves in Indian bread) is a staple in Sid’s lunch box. Phew huh? He eats methi! But just the roti is always a bit dry I feel so I used to throw in some raw carrots and cucumbers along with them. And I mean literally throw them in. But now we’re in […]

Snack in a box, sweet and spice

Kuch meetha, kuch namkeen is in our genes by now I guess. For an Indian, it’s an oft heard phrase at just about every occasion! Carrying it into Sid’s snack box with a peda (milk sweet) sliced into a flower shape – you can do this with any sweet of any shape, Just get jittery […]

Snack in a box: Pretty up a salad

Today’s lunch for Sid is spinach and corn pulao – yes, again – he does love it! I usually add some raw veggie along with this, instead of the chips that we are so apt to throw in at times. With the Lunchbots trio, I thought I’d try and make the carrots and cucumbers a […]

Decorating kiddo’s lunch

I’ve been a bit lax in thinking up stuff for the kiddo’s lunch and snack of late. Blame it on being a nuclear family again and having tons to do!  Sid normally takes pulao (pilaf) or rotis for lunch. So I always accompany the rice with cucumbers or carrots. Taking inspiration from Happy Little Bento […]

Discovered! Little Food Junction

It’s a discovery Wednesday! Came across The Little Food Junction, a blog that will have your little ones squealing. Forget little ones, I was squealing with delight myself :). Looking at all of the cutsie and amazingly creative snacks that Smita Srivastava puts together! What I like best is that they’re all made with simple […]

Snack in a box cucumber and carrot

Cucumbers and carrots

At a loss this morning to get ‘different’ with a snack. So good old cucumbers and carrots it is, but with a crooked smile :). They’re crisp and crunchy and just the right thing for a mid morning break. I’m sure Sid will have a story to tell about whether he picked the eyes out […]

Snack in a box, potato wedges

potato wedges

Kids loooooove potatoes, mostly! Sid does and he loves baked potato wedges. I’ve always made these for breakfast, with eggs, but figured it’d make a good snack for a short break at school too! You need about 40 minutes time in the morning to get this done from scratch, but you don’t have to be busy […]

Easy peanut-sugar chikki

My mother-in-law is SO good at making this, it’ll be a while before I can catch up! So here she is, making a favourite chewy munchie for the kids, again. Her recipe for peanut chikki… Ingredients: 1 cup roasted and coarsely ground peanuts. You need to roast and remove the outer skin before you can […]