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Fruit from down under

I am a sucker for luscious looking fruits flaunting their colours in the aisles – whether they are sprawled out in a posh supermarket or jostling for space in the local mandi. And I tend to pick out fruit in lovely colour combinations, red apples and yellow bananas. Or oranges and strawberries. Oh they look […]

Strawberries and chocolate!

Without any preamble, let us get to the basics of this very basic dessert / snack / sweet tooth fix… Melt chocolate buttons or choclate cut into small pieces, over a double boiler. (Microwaving is OK, but the chocolate dries up). I love the double boiler because you can turn off the heat and leave […]

Snack in a box, antioxidants!

It’s fruit attack day…and not mangoes! The fruit bowl has simply been overflowing with mangoes this season but the snack in the box today focused on antioxidnats. Perhaps the pollution along the school route has something to do with the frame of mind? Though, I must admit, I don’t know in what forms oxidants do […]

Maples and syrup and fruit

I got this lovely little bottle in the shape of a maple leaf filled with the yumminess of maple syrup from a good friend that made a Friday last month! My kids don’t like pancakes, so that leaves me with all of it (wicked, I know!). But seriously I have a large bottle of the […]

Poached All-Spice Pears

This is a really simple desert that tastes delicious – especially after a heavy predominantly non veg meal… It is from an oriental cookbook I have, but it goes well with anything really. I served it with continental fish and veggies… INGREDIENTS: 3 large ripe pears coredand quartered, 1 and 1/4 cup orange juice (I […]

Berry Sweet Cheats

This is my secret summer addiction, well no longer a secret after this. If you are sweet on berries and sweet on sweets you’ll love these little bits of delight. I wish I’d met them when I was 8, lived on a steady diet of sugar and loved eating brightly colored food. See full recipe

Kid stuff! Snacks: Sprouts and Pomegranate salad

Mixing colorful fruit with healthy sprouts may work for your kid. Try this as a quick snack, at home, or in a box for school. This recipe makes 4 small servings. You can refrigerate and use it on a couple of occasions. Moong is small green lentils with the husk on, and yellow when the […]