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Discovered! Little Food Junction

It’s a discovery Wednesday! Came across The Little Food Junction, a blog that will have your little ones squealing. Forget little ones, I was squealing with delight myself :). Looking at all of the cutsie and amazingly creative snacks that Smita Srivastava puts together! What I like best is that they’re all made with simple […]

Uber cool food blogs!

I’m discovering so many new, yummilicious food blogs every single day, it’s amazing! I haven’t even got over the fab recipes in one blog when I bump into another. I’m ODing on recipes and loving it! So before I swoon away here are some of them… A Conscious Feast foodista Edible Garden The Great Veg […]

Truly Yum blog!

Slurp up into a world of color, texture, and form.┬áJust one look at Lolo’s (Lauren Ulm) vegan recipe pictures on her Vegan Yum Yum blog, and you’ll want to turn vegan instantly. Even if you don’t, you’ll find you can’t resist trying out some of her fabulous recipes. Her recipes don’t use very extravagant ingredients, […]

Blog feature: Pictures and Pancakes

The new look is basically up and running. And what better way to introduce it than to feature a lovely food blog? Pictures and Pancakes is the Purcells’ food and photography blog. Carrie is a food stylist and Andrew a photographer. And what does he photograph for this blog? Food of course! It’s a visual […]