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Baked Eggs & Toast

A quikie yummy breakfast says Harini… and this is her recipe. I have to agree! The idea of warm, fresh toast is something I love to wake up for. And with eggs, ask for no more! And this recipe is simple and full of flavour. This will taste great with some mushrooms added along with […]

Indian-Style French Toast

This is a truly versatile dish, going from breakfast, to brunch, to a quick dinner depending upon what you choose as a side. Throw in some hash-browns or alu-ki-subzi and you have an awesome brunch. Throw in a soup and a salad, and you have a dinner.

The five-minute healthy breakfast sandwich

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us take the time to do more than grab a bowl of cereal or a banana before making a dash out the door? It’s true that not a lot of us have the half an hour required to make a healthy breakfast and eat it at home. The answer is to find some simple recipes that help make that first meal of the day filled with healthy, nutritious, and tasty ingredients. Here’s a fantastic recipe to get you started.

“Dressing” it up!

Says Devika, mommy to Apu, age 4: “Try scrambled eggs with brocoli :). Works like a dream. The broccoli gives the egg a sick green tinge – apu loved it ;-)”. This is a must try!