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Decadent chocolate cake

chocolate cake

A completely droolworthy chocolatey decadent chocolate cake that’s left me rapturous just by looking at the pics. – By Harini

Luscious lemon curd and chocolate yogurt pies!

lemon curd pie

It’s official. The pie bug has bitten. And hard. I’m not at all sad there isn’t a cure :). Who’d want to stay away from these luscious lovelies?! Harini (I shall have to call her Martha now) shares two most delicious no-bake-fill pies.

Blueberry pie

pie large

A scrumptious blueberry pie!

Chocolate Cake Pops :)

chocolate cake pops

I’ve borrowed the recipes from a couple of websites and came up with something on my own, so I don’t know who I should give credit to. Do check out for some amazing cake pop ideas though. – Andaleeb Wajid

Dressing it up! Ice cream decor

Mint choco chip ice cream

If you’ve only bought ice cream for dessert at a dinner party and are worrying it will look like “oh this is no effort’ or too boring, quit worrying. Here’s an idea to make that ice cream scoop look like a gourmet final course!

Frozen strawberry-yogurt

I’ve seen countless cooking shows where they’re always using frozen fruit to create some eye-popping desserts. And always thought, dang, will I ever be able to make such stuff?! Yes, we can, by just forgetting about the exotic ingredients and sticking with what’s available at your local grocer’s. Even the Karnataka govt. Hopcoms stores stock […]

Instant chocolate mousse

I saw the correct version of this recipe on Nigella Lawson’s TV show. Like most of her recipes, it was lip-smacking. But getting hold of double cream in large quantities is not an Indian shopper’s forte. I tried it with regular cream instead, and a few variations, and it came out just fine. It’s an […]

Stock the kitchen: Fruit from the Nilgiri hills

Nilgiri’s has introduced fresh fruit, in a bottle. I love the brown paper and earthy color packaging. There are cherries, peaches, grapes, strawberries and more! Use them in pies or simply top on bread, chapatis, even ice cream for a yummilicious dessert!

Kid stuff! Carrot cake

carrot cake

This cake’s sweet and carries the goodness of carrots. Perfect for kids.