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Cup cake play!

Scouring stores for cake decorations may seem a bit crazy, but hey, when you find them, they are SO worth the hunt! But I am yet to find really nice ones here in Bangalore. So if you know any stores, please do tell! In the meantime I ask friends traveling to India to bring some, […]

Strawberries and chocolate!

Without any preamble, let us get to the basics of this very basic dessert / snack / sweet tooth fix… Melt chocolate buttons or choclate cut into small pieces, over a double boiler. (Microwaving is OK, but the chocolate dries up). I love the double boiler because you can turn off the heat and leave […]

Cherry crumble

The cherry, Red. Very red. Exotic in the occident. Rumour has it that it’s a sour fruit. Very photogenic, especially when photographed with the slender stems of two cherry fruits joined at the top to form a very elegant V. Ok ok, I haven’t cooked with cherries before, so they did seem rather exotic when I […]

Confetti cup cakes

Ever since my goodies in the form of multi-coloured sprinkles and icing arrived I’d been itching to use them.. on something! I nearly sprinkled some on curd rice, but held off. Looks aren’t everything right? You must be able to eat it! So I finally got around to making very simple cup cakes from this […]

Poached All-Spice Pears

This is a really simple desert that tastes delicious – especially after a heavy predominantly non veg meal… It is from an oriental cookbook I have, but it goes well with anything really. I served it with continental fish and veggies… INGREDIENTS: 3 large ripe pears coredand quartered, 1 and 1/4 cup orange juice (I […]

Cheesecake truffles

The basic recipe from (Edible Garden) for Cheesecake Truffles Recipe. Didn’t have cream cheese, so used same weight in paneer instead, blended to a light soft cheesy thing, with a bit of yogurt in the blender. I’m not sure if this changes the taste of the truffles…but what I got was really light cheesecake that tasted […]

Slow cooked rice kheer/pudding

Kheer (pudding) is one of India’s richest desserts. It fills you up, not only literally but also with a warmth that only a rich dessert can spread in you. Here’s a rice kheer that has a western spin on it – strawberries, cinnamon and vanilla! And believe me, it’s heavenly. When I saw this recipe […]

Carrot Cake Extraordinaire!

carrot cake ext

Worked with Mili’s recipe for Eggless Apple Cake, but used carrot gratings instead of apple. Used eggless custard for topping and sprinkled candied carrot gratings with caramel dots. The smell of cinnamon and vanilla is o-so-heart-warming this grey Saturday :).

Reader’s Recipe: Fruity dessert

fruit glasses

Along with the veg carbonara, Harini puts this fruity, creamy, chocolatey  dessert on the table. “We made a fruit glass as well to go with it. It’s simple. Half fill the flute glasses with fruits of choice marinated for a day in sugar syrup and regrigerated. Add in some vanilla custard in the next layer. More fruits in […]

Eggless apple cake

Here’s another eggless cake recipe from my sis-in-law, Mili. With so many out there turning vegan for a healthy lifestyle eggless recipes are on the increase! I’m reading about eggless quiches and more right now. Bring you those soon! You need: Maida (all purpose flour)- 2 cups Brown Sugar – 1/2 cup Caster sugar – […]