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Mint choco cookies

There seem to be only two reactions to the onset of the summer holidays. Relief, for all those parents who have angels for kids. That is not me. So the other is dread, wondering how the heck to handle the two brats for another 4 and 7 extra hours respectively! I would like to blame […]

Cherry jam cookies

There are times when you land up with just the ingredients an elusive recipe lists, and then you’re wondering how came you, to be in that league! Happened with cherry jam and 1 egg a few days ago – and this was the perfect recipe. Cherry jam cookies at Joy the Baker’s blog. It’s a […]

Chocolate chips and walnut cookies-vegan

Loved the scrunchiness of these cookies when I saw the recipe on Susmitha’s blog here and HAD to try making them, mainly coz of the maple syrup in these lovelies. They turned out great! They’re incredibly easy to make and are deelish! And then Chirag took these lovely pics and I simply HAD to share […]

Holiday gifting!

I like to say I like giving more than receiving, but then who’d believe me  😉 ? The DIY bug, however, has put me a very giving mood I must say. And gifting something that you’ve put effort into can be very satisfying. So I gift wrapped some cookies I’d made.  Actually, you don’t even […]

Cranberry-oats and blueberry-rice cereal cookies

It can’t be just another festive season drawing near. I been itching to bake some cookies, primarily, let me admit, to try some gift decorating. Well enough that the season’s here though, with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Here are two recipes from a magazine I bought long ago, a Holiday Cookies edition of […]

Cookies and eggless icing!


Nothing can be more fun than when kids share your enthu for baking! My nephew Angad is one such! So when he visits we always end up spending half a day near the oven, baking all kinds of goodies. Today’s cookie day! And we did a bunch of mini cookies with my hoard of mini […]