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Tequila Sunrise

Yes, yes, I know. Cant stop humming the song now. Always wanted to be an adventurous cocktail maker. Sounded too exotic to try. Until I got myself the basic bar essentials. With these, it’s a compete breeze to shake up some cool ones right at home. Basic syrups like Grenadine, Blue Curaco, simple syrup (mostly […]

Flighty Litchi – a vodka cocktail

Tired of pairing tomato and orange juice with vodka? Try litchi! It may feel too tropical for some, but it does pack a sweet and hard punch, this combination of fruit and distilled beverage. The litchi juice available off the shelf is highly concentrated. For this cocktail, dilute it with a little iced water. To […]

Bowled over!

Pic source: The Artful Entertainer I was absolutely bowled over by the minty ice cubes! What a cool way to liven up cocktails at a party and the presentation. Here’s a food blog (theartfulentertainer) that totally elevates your senses. What better way to start a morning :)?