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Strawberry cream cheese frosting

I am going to stop searching for recipes for dishes that have 3 ingredients. I mean when there are only 3 ingredients how tough can it be to figure what goes in, in what proportion ? I get all thrown off balance by all the references to gelatin, heavy cream, double cream, single cream (is […]

Cake and cup cake fest!

Dipti baked these lovelies way ago and it’s been on my to do list forever to publish! Here they are Dipti… thanks so much for sharing. They look absolutely lovely! – Anu My husband had a ‘Bake a Cake’ competition at his work place and I baked a┬áchocolate cake along with some cupcakes for him. […]

Chocolate brownie, cake, crisp-top

It’s hard to put a name on this. Because with Aarohi Singh, a brownie isn’t just a brownie. Just like her art which is funny, has multiple personalities and gives you a sum total of a wonderful feeling. (STB had featured her art here). Here is Aarohi’s very healthy version of a chocolate brownie/cake. She […]

Decadent chocolate cake

chocolate cake

A completely droolworthy chocolatey decadent chocolate cake that’s left me rapturous just by looking at the pics. – By Harini

‘1917’ Chocolate Cake by Muthu Naniah

This is my grandma’s chocolate cake recipie… I find it amazing when I think about how old this recipie is. She was an amazing cook – and this has got to be one of her most loved recipies. I remember licking the cake batter container when I was a kid – And now Apu does […]