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Blueberry cheesecake bars

I know! It has been forever since I posted a recipe here, innit? Blame it entirely on new and exciting stuff (well, some not so exciting, just plain old work) that’s pretty much taken over the hours of the day and the days of the week for me… This totally easy and deelish cheesecake bar […]

Mango cheesecake

I was soooooooo excited about making cheesecake. I’d got all the ingredients together. Had a lovely, golden alphonso mango pulp. The cream cheese. The cream. The everything. Looked up the basic recipe from this site and was all set. Thursday 4 PM: Crumbed 8 digestive biscuits. Added 60 grams of softened butter and mixed well. […]

Cheesecake truffles

The basic recipe from (Edible Garden) for Cheesecake Truffles¬†Recipe.¬†Didn’t have cream cheese, so used same weight in paneer instead, blended to a light soft cheesy thing, with a bit of yogurt in the blender. I’m not sure if this changes the taste of the truffles…but what I got was really light cheesecake that tasted […]