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Corn and cheese canapes

Remember those canapes (from the bhel recipe) we said were so versatile? Here’s another smashing filling you can make to go in the canapes. Thanks Suchitra Sawkar for sending it in :)! Prep time: Filling: 10 minutes Sauce: 5 minutes Frying/baking and assembling: 20 minutes Serves: Makes for up to 20-25 canapes Ingredients: 1 pack […]

Olive, pepper and cheese starter

This one’s my own. Discovered it while I was looking to make a fresh starter with  ingredients already in stock… You can mix and match the ingredients in any combination you  want. Makes for great pairing with white  wine to begin with. This platter has cheese, black olives and yellow bell peppers What you need: Cheese, (like processed cheddar). […]