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What I LOVE about Bengaluru is the space it allows for all manner of (ad)ventures. Jaaga, a place to commune… Claytopia, a place to create clay art with your own hands, and now Chaipatty, a quintessential chai gilaas with palak pakoras experience. Chai (tea) patti (leaves)? Chai (Chow) pati (a la Mumbai)? Anyway you read […]

Food-view: Cafe Mondo

It’s been a rainy morning drizzling it’s way into a rainy afternoon. Just the kinda weather for a by-two Bangalore coffee…or a hot cuppa all for yourself. I decided to try a cappuccino at Cafe Mondo, a fairly new little cafe located in between Jayanagar and Basavanagudi. It’s at Arumugam Circle, if you want to […]