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Idli upma

There’s nothing quite like remembering out of the blue one of grandma’s recipes, trying it out and hoping it brings back just what you tasted and felt all those years ago. Idli upma. We’d come home from school, hungry, and if she gave us idlis, wrinkle our noses at them coz we’d had them for […]

The bagel that grew into breakfast overnight

During the wee hours of a very full and tiring Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) I knew breakfast or brunch on Sunday morning may be a lost cause so I resigned myself to the sparsity of bagel and coffee in lieu of a fuller Sunday breakfast. Just as I dropped into the land of nod […]

Cereality, totally fantasy

Cereal in a box instead of a bowl? Takeaway cereal? Cereal parfait? No fantasy. It’s for real at Cereality, a cereal bar and cafe. And if you love cereal the way I do, it is a fantasy come true…sigh. I can eat cereal for breakfast, as a mid-morning snack, or evening snack (only not the plain […]

Spinach and egg white sandwich

This (and a few more to come) is a recipe for a couple of pals who are going to be eating for two for the next few months! But it’s great even otherwise! This sandwich will make a great breakfast or even the second course of a lunch, after a hearty soup. Cooking time: 15 […]

Baked Eggs & Toast

A quikie yummy breakfast says Harini… and this is her recipe. I have to agree! The idea of warm, fresh toast is something I love to wake up for. And with eggs, ask for no more! And this recipe is simple and full of flavour. This will taste great with some mushrooms added along with […]

Mushrooms and corn on toast

Warm toast, mushrooms and corn. A grating of cheese and fresh, crushed pepper. Dollop of butter on the toast. Put a pot of hot, aromatic tea by the side ~~~~~~, and get as close to a morning’s nirvana as you can get. Prep time: 15 minutes Serves: 2 You need: 200 grams button mushrooms, destemmed, […]

Ragi rotti

The akki rotti (rice rotti) is the quintessential south Indian breakfast. It’s got the staple rice flour and you can make any number of variations you can think of. I wouldn’t call ragi rotti a variation, it’s more of a sister breakfast. Make this with ragi (millet) flour instead of rice. Ragi is very healthy […]

‘Tadka’ peas

Here’s another one from Dipti Mathur. Peas for breakfast, you say? Why not? And the recipe is simplicity itself! I love this recipe as it is a very tasty way of consuming those dreaded ‘healthy greens’. Additionally, I love having it for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee. Prep time: 20 minutes Serves: 2 Ingredients Green […]

‘Neer’ dosa

This is a single ingredient (if you don’t count water!) easy dosa recipe which is popular throughout Karnataka. I’m sure there are variations across the southern states, so if you know of some, write in! Neeta Hegde shares this with us :). “Neeru” is water in Kannada. Prep time: Soak rice: Overnight Batter: 10 minutes […]

Indian-Style French Toast

This is a truly versatile dish, going from breakfast, to brunch, to a quick dinner depending upon what you choose as a side. Throw in some hash-browns or alu-ki-subzi and you have an awesome brunch. Throw in a soup and a salad, and you have a dinner.