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Select frames are available at Chaipatty, the teafe on 100 feet road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

So true! Pic by Susmitha Subbaraju.


Code: DIET004. 10" x 8". Dark brown frame. Rs.400.

Who’s laughing?


Code: LC002. 8" x 6". Dark brown frame. Rs.250.


in the way

Code: IW001. 8" x 6". Dark brown frame. Rs.250.

Lawyer’s ‘phone number handy?! Pic by Chirag Rathod.

Code: SPICE002. 10" x 8". Dark brown frame. Rs.400.

Just right for this season! Pic by Chirag Rathod.


Cinnaholic! Pic by Susmitha.


Code: Cin001. 10' x 8'. Rs.350. Available in dark and light brown frames

I’m like this only…

clean up this way

Code: CUTW001. 10' x 8'. Rs.350. Available in dark and light brown frames

Care to laugh in MY kitchen<wink> ?

laugh clean

Code: LC001. 10' x 8'. Rs.400. Red frame.

Have you had it??!!

chick had it

Code: CHI01. 10' x 8'. Rs.400. Laminated board, matte finish


A series for Chaipatty!

Pic by Chirag Rathod

coffee isn't my cup of tea…no bar

tea barAlways tea time…

tea timeNothing before tea!

nothing before teaONE TEA!

melting pots

For all the chocoholics I know are out there! Pic by Susmitha Subbaraju.


Code: CQ001. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400. Brown frame

One more… I can almost taste that chocolate! Pic by Susmitha Subbaraju.


Code: CQ2. 10' x 8'. Rs.400. Brown frame


Now this is a line I could use :). Photo by Chirag Rathod.


Code: W001. Wine and fruit. 11"x8.5" Rs.400. Black frame

Bean good lately? Photo by Susmitha Subbaraju.

bean doing

Code: B001. Bean doing. 11"x8.5" Rs.400. Black frame

Knowing what to eat when..wink! Photos by Susmitha Subbaraju.

lunch dinner

Code: BLD001. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 11"x8.5" Rs.400. Black frame

If you love Bill Watterson – you love anything he says :). Photo by Susmitha Subbaraju.


Code: Des005. Dessertarian 11"x8.5" Rs.400. Brown frame

A ‘toast’ to all of us desi chefs out there, who can make rocking benne (butter) masala dosas! Here’s to the “desi”igner chefs! And this one’s VEGAN! Photo by Susmitha Subbaraju


Code: Desi001. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400. Brown frame

Whether you’re dieting or not.. this’ll make you smile.

feed limit

Code: FL001. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

From one of my fave authors!


Code: DA001. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

Heaven on earth has to be pink chocolate chips. Photo by Chirag Rathod.

save planet3

Code: SP003. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

Save the planet. Photo by Chirag Rathod.

save planet2

Code: SP002. 9' x 6". Rs.300

Drool when you think of chocolate? Go save the planet! Photo by Chirag Rathod.

save planet1

Code: SP001. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

This one’s dedicated to all the Wodehouse fans :)


Code: PGW001. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

One from the bar series > These’ll look perfect on that patch of bare wall over your bar counter! Photo by Chirag Rathod.

beer case

Code: Beer004. Beer in a case. 11" x 8.5" Rs.400

Try saying this one out loud :). Photo by Chirag Rathod.

think drunk

Code: Beer003. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

How true! Photo by Chirag Rathod.

beer interesting

Code: Beer002. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

Generate some bar-stool conversation! Photo by Chirag Rathod.

beer holder

Code: Beer001. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

I know there are too many of us out there who can identify with this one.

cleaning up

Code: CL001. Cleaning Up. 11" x 8". Rs.450

One more from the balanced diet line… love the cookies in this one!

balanced diet

Code: C003. Balanced diet 3. 11" x 8.5". Rs.350

If you’re a Garfield fan, this speaks to your heart…err.. stomach. Photo by Chirag Rathod.

on vegetables

Code: V001. On vegetables. 11" x 8". Rs.400

I’m Indian, I’m spicy, I’m saucy.. and I’m loving it! Are you? Photos by Chirag Rathod.

spice route

Code: SR001. Spice Route. 11" x 8". Rs.450

There’s something about watching kids enjoy their goodies that is irresistable! And I found this one quite so! Photo by Chirag Rathod.

adventure with ice cream

Code: I001. Adventure with ice cream. 11" x 8". Rs.400

If you’ve cooked Indian, you know that any and all of these may or may not go into the pan, but you churn out something deelish anyway! Indian spices rock! Now rock your kitchen with this… Photo by Chirag Rathod.

recipe indian

Code: RI001. Indian 11" x 8". Rs.400

A one line ode to all the bakers out there… Photos by Chirag Rathod.


Code: BK001. 11' x 8.5". Rs.400

The less said about dessert, the better. Start eating already! Photo by Chirag Rathod.


Code: Des001. Dessert first. 11" x 8.5". Rs.400

This one was a first look sale… I guess too many of us identify with it – LOL! Don’t annoy the cook! Photo by Chirag Rathod.

annoying the cook

Code AC001. Annoying the cook 11" x 8.5". Rs.400

Star Wars fans… hands together and bow. Trekkies, there shall be something for et tu soon. Photo by Chirag Rathod.


Code: F001. May the forks... 11" x 6.5". Rs.400

Don’t make food a part of your balancing act! Photo by Chirag Rathod.


Code: C002. Balanced diet 2. 8.5" x 11". Rs.400

You don’t have to be acook to decorate your kitchen.. try this… Photo by Chirag Rathod.

not the cook

Code: NC001. Not the cook 11"x8.5" Rs.400

Are you an outdoors sorta person? :) This make sense? Photo by Chirag Rathod.


Code: Res001. Dinner reservation. 11"x8.5" Rs.400

Restaurants a god-send?! Photos by Chirag Rathod.

why restaurants

Code: WR001. Why restaurants 8.5"x11" Rs.400

Hmmm…read the sign.


Code: TM001. Today's menu 11"x8.5" Rs.300

For those of you who want to write your own stuff… Photo by Chirag Rathod.


Code: Des002. 11" x 8.5" Rs.400

Belief is good! Photo by Chirag Rathod.

i believe

Code: IB001. I believe 8.5"x11" Rs.400

The dessert series. Photo by Chirag Rathod.


Code: Des003. 11" x 8.5" Rs.400


Code: Des004. Dessert first 11"x6.5" Rs.350

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