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Recalling a summer cooler!

Hey! If you’re in Bengaluru you know summer’s here. And to stay for a while. Here’s recalling a summer cooler posted by Jay: Quick Summer Cooler.

Couscous and a vegetable stew

There’s absolutely nothing better than spending a loooong afternoon with friends, food and of course, wine. A lot of chit chat, quite a few laughs, and basically..chilling. Here’s what went down in the ‘food’ part of our lovely afternoon yesterday… couscous and a veggie stew. The basic recipe for the stew comes from The Veggie […]

Tequila Sunrise

Yes, yes, I know. Cant stop humming the song now. Always wanted to be an adventurous cocktail maker. Sounded too exotic to try. Until I got myself the basic bar essentials. With these, it’s a compete breeze to shake up some cool ones right at home. Basic syrups like Grenadine, Blue Curaco, simple syrup (mostly […]

A drink with lime, ginger and honey

Hello after what seems a very long time! I’ve been away only 9 days, 6 days of that on vacation, and it feels like forever away from STB. Saw Jay’s lovely rainbow trout in the meantime, it’s this sharing that makes STB a great place :). Changes, changes. There’s quite a bit of that on […]

Learn! The Wine Society of India

The Wine Society of India continues the wine education series with programmes scheduled in Sept., Oct., and Nov. 2010. The education series are available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi. If you complete a course successfully, you will receive a certificate of distinction signed by┬áSteven Spurrier. Here is a sampling of the programme in […]

Indian Single Malt among top 3 in the world!

The Whisky Bible 2010 (yes, there is one) accords an Indian malt the status of third best whiskey in the world. Says a news item in a blog-site called WhiskeyIntelligence (yes, there’s one of these too). It’s a double whammy, having discovered Amrut Fusion AND a blog that collects and posts news from the malt […]

Flighty Litchi – a vodka cocktail

Tired of pairing tomato and orange juice with vodka? Try litchi! It may feel too tropical for some, but it does pack a sweet and hard punch, this combination of fruit and distilled beverage. The litchi juice available off the shelf is highly concentrated. For this cocktail, dilute it with a little iced water. To […]