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Quick veg noodles

quick noodles

Maggi noodles is a savior in more than one way! I use them to make a simple noodle dish with veggies and soy sauce, not the tastemaker that comes in the package. It’s a really quick dish to make once the veggies are chopped. – Anu

Wheat fettucine, peppers and mushrooms

wheat fettucine, veggies

Last night’s dinner is finding screen space only Sat night. Home alone with the kids is not getting much time in front of the blog. And this is not another Fab India plug! Their organic food range includes wheat fettucine which I tried for the adults and it was quite good! Each pack comes with […]

The simplest pasta sauce

pasta and tomato sauce

My kids love pasta with the most basic of tomato sauces. They’re a long way from loving to eat it with the usual veggies that accompany the sauce, and I’m happy to make it that way for them! For two servings: Just grate 4 medium tomatoes. Most of the skin will remain in your hand […]