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Chocolate chips and walnut cookies-vegan

Loved the scrunchiness of these cookies when I saw the recipe on Susmitha’s blog here and HAD to try making them, mainly coz of the maple syrup in these lovelies. They turned out great! They’re incredibly easy to make and are deelish! And then Chirag took these lovely pics and I simply HAD to share […]

The strawberry pudding


This is the yummiest thing ever! Can youbelieve it…it took just 3 people to polish off this whole bowl over dinner! – Harini

An STB dinner!


A salad and a dessert from STB

Variation on Anu’s Corn, Mushroom on Toast


My new addiction, Anu’s corn and mushroom on toast. Here… This post was submitted by Jay.

Carrot Cake Extraordinaire!

carrot cake ext

Worked with Mili’s recipe for Eggless Apple Cake, but used carrot gratings instead of apple. Used eggless custard for topping and sprinkled candied carrot gratings with caramel dots. The smell of cinnamon and vanilla is o-so-heart-warming this grey Saturday :).

Reader’s Recipe: Fruity dessert

fruit glasses

Along with the veg carbonara, Harini puts this fruity, creamy, chocolatey  dessert on the table. “We made a fruit glass as well to go with it. It’s simple. Half fill the flute glasses with fruits of choice marinated for a day in sugar syrup and regrigerated. Add in some vanilla custard in the next layer. More fruits in […]

Reader’s Pic(k): Carbonara

carbonara with potatoes

Harini tries out Dipti Mathur’s Bacon Carbonara, minus the bacon, and turns out a great meal! I’m completely thrilled to see someone try out the recipes here on the blog and let us know about it. It makes all the effort WORTH IT and generally spreads a lot of cheer and bonhomie amongst all of […]

Reader’s Pic(k)


What a beautiful snap shot of pasta and a drink chilling together! Harini and Ju soak up more than just Italian goodness… the warm feeling of a ‘kitchen adventure’ :). – Harini

My pic(k), Chocolate cake pops!


After weeks of not being able to put it all together, it happened today! Tried making Andy’s chocolate cake pops and here they are!

Reader’s pic(k) – Mushrooms and corn on toast

mushroom on toast

Doesn’t this look like the perfect morning breakfast? Harini sends in her breakfast eye candy.