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Chillis and peppers

The second recipe on the table, after the chocolate cake of last week. Which is saying something, considering it has been about 6 months since I logged in to this site. Jamie Oliver..though I find him and his ever-so-cavalier shows..starts up an itch to try fresh fresh fresh ingredients. So finding these super sized chillis […]

Dry fruits ‘holige’, sweet dish

This is a very different holige ( a sweet dish very prevalent and loved in India) sent in by Neeta Hegde. She sent it to me long back, and I’ve been keeping it under cover unwittingly :). Here it is, Neeta! It has a dry fruit filling, instead of the regulation cocnut+jaggery or lentils+jaggery fillings. […]

Recipe Cards: Beet Hummus

Hand grenades (cheese, onion bread roll)

Once in a while, the deep-fry syndrome hits. And no matter what you do, your feet are dragged to the cabinet with the kadai and your hands irrevocably reach for the oil can. Well, what I do is give up and quietly get some lip-smacking ingredients ready for a tum-smacking snack. So this time when […]

Snack in a box, apple checkers

The weeks are zipping by and it’s almost the end of Feb! Soon the summer hols will kick in and aaaahhhh I don’t have to wake up at an unearthly hour and worry about what to put in the boxes!!! But, while we are still here and the school days skip on – here is […]

Snack in a box, black chickpeas

This should actually be called lunch in a box, but the ‘siab’ phrase is growing on me :). I’d pack just rice and a salad, or just rotis and a salad all these days for Sid’s lunch..without ever thinking a wee bit out of the box (!). But ever since the 3-compart’mentor’ entered the kitchen […]

Easy bread pizza

Think pizza, think cheese! It’s usually the cheese we balk at, double layers of it if you please on some pizzas! I mean, what were they smoking…?! So when a pizza urge strikes but you don’t want to be fat stricken too, this recipe is the saviour. Use just a smattering of cheese, or mix […]

Veggie hot pot

It’s been a while folk! And I only have the craziness of our daily schedules to blame from this uncharacteristic absence from STB. I think after the hols I’ve just got too embroiled in the daily grind of getting stuff ready for the older one’s school and the younger one’s all-day needs that putting fingers […]

Grilled potatoes, again

OK, I made these grilled potatoes again, and this time not only left the skin on most of them for extra texture and taste but got a better picture. Ha! Though I poked plenty of holes in the potato for the marinade to soak in, it wasn’t enough. So I suggest that if you’re leaving […]

A Lunchbots snack in a box

I’ve been drooling over the Lunchbots boxes as much as any kid might drool over what may go inside them! Ever since I read about bento and packing an artful lunch, that is. And I finally got my Lunchbots boxes in the mail! Yoohoo! (I suppose even Sid isn’t as excited as silly old me.) […]