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Grilled veggie pasta salad

Mm hmmm. ’tis the season for salads. Have to keep bisi bele bath and the likes locked up for a while, while we feast on juices, buttermilk and salads. Even for the pasta, I prefered doing a dry one yesterday, with grilled veggies and olive oil, instead of the heavier tomato or cheese based sauces. […]

Baked eggplant parmesan with pasta

Spiga. The old avatar in that charming little first floor space on Vittal Mallya road. It introduced me to eggplant parmesan with pasta some years ago. So every time I say the word, Spiga is what I think of. Never tried making it until last night, for dinner for my cousin and her hubby :). […]

Spinach Pesto Pasta

Tanmayi, a student in Rotterdam, sends in this simple but great recipe! I’m quite excited to have this from her ‘coz it feels great to have more folk share their food and their methods with everyone here :). “A feel good meal which is fun and easy to make and most importantly healthy! Being a […]

Reader’s Pic(k): Carbonara

carbonara with potatoes

Harini tries out Dipti Mathur’s Bacon Carbonara, minus the bacon, and turns out a great meal! I’m completely thrilled to see someone try out the recipes here on the blog and let us know about it. It makes all the effort WORTH IT and generally spreads a lot of cheer and bonhomie amongst all of […]

Reader’s Pic(k)


What a beautiful snap shot of pasta and a drink chilling together! Harini and Ju soak up more than just Italian goodness… the warm feeling of a ‘kitchen adventure’ :). – Harini

Spaghetti with olives and zucchini

A tomato-based pasta sauce can be a hundred different things – when you start adding vegetables or meat of your choice. Not carrots of course, but sun dried tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, zucchini. Or shredded chicken. This spaghetti recipe has the basic pasta sauce + 10 black pitted olives, 10-12 sun dried tomatoes, 1/4 cup sliced […]

Pasta Alfredo

spinach spaghetti

Cream and cheese. The two basic ingredients for an Alfredo sauce. You apparently can’t go wrong with these. But if you’re looking to be calorie conscious, then you can try using milk. And a plain Alfredo sauce can be a tad boring with a plain pasta. Try some veggies or white meat of your choice. […]

Bacon Carbonara

Finally!!!!!!! I cooked my carbonara yesterday and it turned out well. I was quite excited and happy about it. I also clicked pics and i loved it, the entire experience was amazing. – Dipti

Wheat fettucine, peppers and mushrooms

wheat fettucine, veggies

Last night’s dinner is finding screen space only Sat night. Home alone with the kids is not getting much time in front of the blog. And this is not another Fab India plug! Their organic food range includes wheat fettucine which I tried for the adults and it was quite good! Each pack comes with […]

The simplest pasta sauce

pasta and tomato sauce

My kids love pasta with the most basic of tomato sauces. They’re a long way from loving to eat it with the usual veggies that accompany the sauce, and I’m happy to make it that way for them! For two servings: Just grate 4 medium tomatoes. Most of the skin will remain in your hand […]