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Mushroom and red chilli stir fry

This is one of those dishes that happen when you’re unhappy with whatever you’ve already decided for the lunch menu and have to try your hand at some serendipitous cooking. In spite of having a red and green peppers curry all ready I had to chop up those fresh mushrooms and some luscious fresh red […]

Green, gooey n’ good-to-the-last-drop Moong Dal

As a bonafide Sambar guzzling Tam gal I’ve downed enough Sambar to swim in many times over and it remains my first lentil love. But as a sapling the grass looked greener closer to the Tropic of Cancer, it was the land of the delicious and elusive Moong Dal. Elusive because Mom was firmly disinclined […]

Couscous and a vegetable stew

There’s absolutely nothing better than spending a loooong afternoon with friends, food and of course, wine. A lot of chit chat, quite a few laughs, and basically..chilling. Here’s what went down in the ‘food’ part of our lovely afternoon yesterday… couscous and a veggie stew. The basic recipe for the stew comes from The Veggie […]

Drumstick Gojju

This dish is a slight variation to the drumstick `palya’ Anu published. Gojju, in kannada means a slightly spicy gravy (unlike sambar, which is less spicier than gojju and also lighter in terms of consistency. Also, no dhal is added to gojju while it is integral for sambar). It is usually an accompaniment to chapathi […]

Thai fish curry

fish curry

So I was amazed at the low preparation and cooking time of this recipe – Totally a lazy Sunday afternoon recipe. And I can vouch for the effectiveness of the ‘stone pot’ :-) – Devika

Avarakaalu sambar (a green bean variety)

The avarekaalu (a green bean) is great favourite in Karnataka in the winter months. Come avarekaalu season and households are eating everything avarekaalu. If breakfast is avarekaalu upma, lunch is avarekaalu sambar. A snack? Avarekaalu kodbele (a fried snack), or just fried and spiced avarekaalu. Breakfast the next day… sigh, avarekaalu sundal as a side (a […]

Sweet-Sour raita (yogurt-based side dish)

Dipti Mathur shares a sweet-sour raita (loosely translated as a yogurt side dish that accompanies a rice dish or can be eaten on its own) with Greek style set yogurt. If you can get this in a store, this is what it is: it’s a much thicker and richer yogurt than the home set variety and […]

Mixed Vegetable Curry

This recipe is all about the veggies. If you like a particular vegetable, use more of it. Hate something? Substitute it with something else. What could be simpler?


Morkozhambhu is an all-time favorite over at our house. The husband loves it so much that he could eat it every single day and not complain. It can be a huge hit with the kiddies as well, since it is tangy and has a distinctive color to it.

Instant Rasam

On a cloudy day, this is heaven. But even on a regular day, this hits the spot! South Indian rasam without the bother of cooking dal. It even works as a very light soup! We made it at home today and is it perfect, or what :)? What you need: 4 medium sized tomatoes 2-3 […]