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Mushrooms and dips

This is for Suman’s son, Pranav, who loves mushrooms! It’s quite basic, the punch is in the dips. I’ll share more soon. I’ve baked these mushrooms, along with potatoes and red peppers, in an oven. You can try baking in a microwave to get the same results. These are similar to the potato wedges recipe, and […]

Red and yellow peppers curry

It doesn’t have to be continental all the way with red and yellow peppers. They make a great side dish for rotis/phulkas. All this curry needs is some Indian spice! The peppers are sweet and the spice is well…spicy, so they work really well together.  It’s so simple and hardly takes any time to make. […]

Palak saag (spinach curry)

Dipti Mathur says: Another one….it is Palak Saag This is a very simple way of cooking spinach. I love this recipe so much, that I fry ‘paneer’ on the side and add in it  to make my own version of Palak-Paneer. Ingredients: Spinach (Palak), finely chopped Ginger, finely grated Green Chillies, finely chopped (1-2) Oil, 1 teaspoon […]