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Chillis and peppers

The second recipe on the table, after the chocolate cake of last week. Which is saying something, considering it has been about 6 months since I logged in to this site. Jamie Oliver..though I find him and his ever-so-cavalier shows..starts up an itch to try fresh fresh fresh ingredients. So finding these super sized chillis […]


Introducing “Quinoa” to those who don’t already know. It’s a healthy food that we use as an alternative to white rice and when we’re a bit bored of eating brown rice. Quinoa is light, fluffy in texture when cooked. I tried this and turned out yummy and of course it’s a great healthy recepie! Check […]

Recipe Cards: Beet Hummus

Rice Pilaf (with a twist)

Rice Pilaf, in chicken AND pork broth (Lunchbot me, oh yeah!) Trivia alert – at the end of the day, a pilaf is a pulao. Period. But as a true foodie, if you want to know the history, as it were, and regional variants of this dish, do check out – And now, […]

Green Grapes Gojju

Blogged about the recipe and giveaway here – Thanks, Sum This post was submitted by Sumana.

Pongal with a Twist

Hubby dearest is a great fan of Pongal and whenever we travel on the other side of the state, specifically Tamil Nadu..he never fails to order his favorite fact he can have it for all meals of the days. For one who has lost weight the hard way, eating rice pongal in mornings is […]

Capsicum curry with fennel seeds

I have been meaning to send in a recipe for a while! Finally got around to measuring b4 cooking yesterday! Here’s the recipe for a capsicum curry. I add 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds to the masala when I make this sabzi with rotis. Ingredients: 2-3 big green peppers, diced 1 medium onion, chopped fine 1-2 tablespoons […]

Veggie hot pot

It’s been a while folk! And I only have the craziness of our daily schedules to blame from this uncharacteristic absence from STB. I think after the hols I’ve just got too embroiled in the daily grind of getting stuff ready for the older one’s school and the younger one’s all-day needs that putting fingers […]

Mint chutney for sandwiches or bhel puri

This is a slightly different take on the mint chutney. It goes great with cucumber sandwiches or for home made bhel puri. You need: Mint leaves – 1 bunch Coriander leaves – 1 bunch Green chillis – 1 or 2 depending on taste Sugar – 1 to 2 teaspoons – alter according to taste Jeera […]

Mushroom and red chilli stir fry

This is one of those dishes that happen when you’re unhappy with whatever you’ve already decided for the lunch menu and have to try your hand at some serendipitous cooking. In spite of having a red and green peppers curry all ready I had to chop up those fresh mushrooms and some luscious fresh red […]