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Snack in a box, corn, pommegranate, sprouts

What can get healthier than this huh? An incessant drive to get as much health-in-a-box as possible has me reaching… For these bright little cup cake molds. They’re silicone cup cake molds which came in my last batch of serendipitous searching the net for baking accessories. And which I haven’t yet used to make cup […]

Snack in a box, black chickpeas

This should actually be called lunch in a box, but the ‘siab’ phrase is growing on me :). I’d pack just rice and a salad, or just rotis and a salad all these days for Sid’s lunch..without ever thinking a wee bit out of the box (!). But ever since the 3-compart’mentor’ entered the kitchen […]

Snack in a box, bento-like tryouts

Methi rotis (fenugreek leaves in Indian bread) is a staple in Sid’s lunch box. Phew huh? He eats methi! But just the roti is always a bit dry I feel so I used to throw in some raw carrots and cucumbers along with them. And I mean literally throw them in. But now we’re in […]

Snack in a box: Pretty up a salad

Today’s lunch for Sid is spinach and corn pulao – yes, again – he does love it! I usually add some raw veggie along with this, instead of the chips that we are so apt to throw in at times. With the Lunchbots trio, I thought I’d try and make the carrots and cucumbers a […]

Snack in a box: 2 chapatis in 10 bites

Sid loves chapatis, but cribs about it taking long to eat (actually anything with him takes long to eat ;-)…). So I tried to make it easier for him to eat 2 chapatis at school. By toothpicking them, you can polish off 2 in 10 bites. Make your chapatis (flat breads) the way you normally […]

Discovered! Little Food Junction

It’s a discovery Wednesday! Came across The Little Food Junction, a blog that will have your little ones squealing. Forget little ones, I was squealing with delight myself :). Looking at all of the cutsie and amazingly creative snacks that Smita Srivastava puts together! What I like best is that they’re all made with simple […]

Kadumbuttu (Steamed Rice Balls)

Appachu and I made Kadumbuttu this Sunday. Kadumbuttu is a traditional Coorgi dish, and means steamed rice balls. It is fairly easy to make, but I have not come across the key ingredient (Thari / broken rice) in Bangalore. I get anyone visiting Coorg to carry back Thari for me, since I don’t go to […]

Kid stuff! Lunch: Spinach and corn pulao

My kids love corn, so you’ll find plenty of corn recipes here! Here’s one which can be made the night before, refrigerated and packed for lunch by just thawing a bit the next morning.  It has some mild flavors that aren’t overpowering! What you need: 1 cup basmati rice 1/2 cup canned corn or fresh […]