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More than just Turkish coffee delight

The Turks have apparently mastered the art of making a good coffee. And we have to agree. On our first trip into the Spice Bazaar we saw copper vessels, well, smallish really, to be called vessels. They had long handles and a small spout like opening. And they looked gorgeous. Did not figure though, that […]

Turkish Delights: Konyali

(Only second in the Turkey series, which is long overdue, in my mind, because I do NOT want to forget :)) Meandering through the first and second courtyards of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul (there are four courtyards, with loads of rooms, kiosks, and gardens in each) the entire morning can leave you with quite […]

Turkish delights: Haci Abdullah Restaurant

In the last week of May, I traveled to Turkey to celebrate a little something with a few like-celebratory friends. Why Turkey? Well, it was picked by the adventurous instigator of this trip, M, and it was simply the best choice! And for good reason. Mind boggling and thought provoking history, breathtaking landscapes, a safe […]