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Stores: The Spice Route

Another long over due post is here! Lots of stuff happening here – including a fun Sunday Soul Sante yesterday (until the rain gods buggered it, of course) and STB kitchen art was there. Thanks all who visited and bought kitchen art to liven up their home or a friend’s :)! So here I am, […]


Wow! I’m on top of the world :). Never thought an interest and a much loved hobby could end up bringing smiles to a lot more people than I thought. And that’s precisely what STB’s kitchen art did, to a huge number of visitors at the Sunday Soul Sante! It was so great to see […]

Wonka’s chocolate wonderland, not fiction

For those who grew up thinking everlasting gobstoppers were the ultimate in cool candy or Kazoozles were not just tongue candy but twisters – rejoice. Wonka’s candy is for real! When Nestle decided to create the Willy Wonka Candy Company they were on to a gold mine.. of kids who had been swept up and […]


What I LOVE about Bengaluru is the space it allows for all manner of (ad)ventures. Jaaga, a place to commune… Claytopia, a place to create clay art with your own hands, and now Chaipatty, a quintessential chai gilaas with palak pakoras experience. Chai (tea) patti (leaves)? Chai (Chow) pati (a la Mumbai)? Anyway you read […]

Haldiram’s – the international Indian

When a chaat attack hits and you don’t have or don’t feel like putting together the myriad ingredients, it’s Haldiram’s to the rescue. From a small manufacturer of namkeen (Indian savouries) to an international player in Indian fast food export – the journey is quite something! The packaging even has names and instructions in French. […]

Make my Chocolate!

What would you do if you could make your own chocolate and at the end of it have no messy kitchen, no chocolate smeared hands and aprons to clean up, no pans to scrape and no stains to scrub?! I’d jump for joy and thank my luck, is what I’d do. And you could too, […]

Homemade is Best

Ikea has come up with a cool new cookbook… What’s unique about this book are the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the recipes. It takes a minute to comprehend the abstract ‘before’ pictures – beautifully and graphically laid out raw ingredients that go into making up the recipe. There is also a corresponding ‘after’ picture […]

The Ants, Crafting Traditions

When I first heard of The Ants (Action Northeast Trust), I had to wait weeks before I could schedule a visit. And the feeling persists even now, I keep wanting to go back! The Ants is a store that brings the traditional crafts and techniques of Assam to Bengaluru. The multi-coloured weaves, deep black pottery […]

Kitchen kitsch

A thing of utility can also be a thing of beauty. And sit anywhere in your home, not just the kitchen counter… enter Aarohi Singh who’s brought all of India into the kitchen. Meeting Aarohi is like experiencing the fun and vibrancy of India first hand, face to face! Bump into art on utensils and […]

Organic produce at your doorstep

There’s something about the sight of fresh vegetables and fruits that tells me all is right with the world. The buying of produce is an experience in itself. But gnawing doubts about how much pesticide was used to keep pests at bay, or how much ‘wax’ was used to make those apples look so shiny […]