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The Upper Crust Food Show is back

Reminiscing about last year’s Upper Crust Food Show, where I got to see so many new and fun products for the kitchen – food, appliances, wines and more! Here are some glimpses from last year’s show – and his year, the show is back in September. Block your calendars for 23rd 24th and 25th, 3 days […]

Such a cool apron!

Look what I found surfing?! Now this is ingenuity! Designed by a man who saw his wife stopping her cooking process to go look up measurements. The measurements and their conversions are printed upside down at the bottom of this apron. Just lift up the edge to read! Cool or what?! Product and image courtesy: The Smart […]

It’s all about the dabba!

As we’re talking about a lunchbox giveaway – in steel, I did some looking around. Apart from the fact that they last reeeeaaaalllly long, unlike plastic, which tend to break and blister pretty soon, they come in some really useful shapes and sizes. Finding some of these images took me back to a time when […]

Howards Storage World, Bengaluru

A place for everything and everything in it’s place. I get more like this very day, much to the disgruntlement of my family :-). And the discovery of Howards Storage World just added to that disgruntlement. Yeh..bleh…is the reaction I usually get when I get home – well, organizers. Not that one needs a Howards. […]

Cool kitchen gadgets!

It’s been a while since I cyber-window-shopped for cool kitchen gadgets! Decided to go e-whizzing past some cool sites today and some of what I found are freaking awesome! This fun cookie cutter from Cox & Cox can make parties for kids waaayyyy fun! Have them cut their own puzzle shapes before baking or have them […]

Corn Holders

When I was growing up in Bangalore we often bought boiled or roasted corn from roadside vendors… Using a corn husk to keep from burning our fingers… Then American sweet corn started appearing in the local Hopcom’s – and we boiled corn at home occasionally – Again corn husks or tentative attempts to bite into […]

Kitchen kitsch

A thing of utility can also be a thing of beauty. And sit anywhere in your home, not just the kitchen counter… enter Aarohi Singh who’s brought all of India into the kitchen. Meeting Aarohi is like experiencing the fun and vibrancy of India first hand, face to face! Bump into art on utensils and […]

Instant wine chiller

Wine aficionados, this is a must for your wine bar! Very handy when you need to serve up some quick chilled ones. It ships from 20North at Rs.3217 (includes shipping) as a duty free gift from anyone living in the US, to India. If ordered from India, add Rs.826 as customs duty. It is interestingly […]

Fact IS stranger than fiction

with this stainless stell soap (u read right), it sure is! Any guesses how it works? I’m stumped… Source, read more…

Brew your own!

Potters based out of Auroville are innovating with design and techniques and a visit to any of them will transport you to a new world of form, texture, and color. Catch them at crafts fairs and exhibits in Bangalore and look out for their innovative designs. This one’s a brew-your-tea concept. I love it for […]