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Carrot halwa with fresh cream

‘Delhi carrots’ have flooded the market here in Bengaluru! The sight of those loooooong, red, fresh carrots just makes you want to grab and crunch! I’ve never been one for making Indian sweets, not being a big fan myself. But I simply had to get these luscious ones and try the halwa that’s quite a […]

Making Sankaranti giveaways special

Post all the gaiety of Christmas and the new year, festivities don’t seem to stop! Not for those who have Sankaranti, Lohri, Boghi…. a festival with so many different names across India but the same spirit, on Jan 15th! It signifies the onset of spring and an end to the cold weather (albeit, only in […]

Coconut Burfi (a sweet snack)

This one’s a dedication to my mother who has been making this dish relentlessly for decades now! And it has never failed to please the palate of the visitors. She has moved in with me since a year and I am using the opportunity to hone my culinary skills! Be warned that you need patience […]

Slow cooked rice kheer/pudding

Kheer (pudding) is one of India’s richest desserts. It fills you up, not only literally but also with a warmth that only a rich dessert can spread in you. Here’s a rice kheer that has a western spin on it – strawberries, cinnamon and vanilla! And believe me, it’s heavenly. When I saw this recipe […]

Sweet Wheat Dumplings

My mom used to make these using rice flour when we were kids, but I don’t quite know how she did it. So, I just came up with its quick-fix cousin. Here goes… You need: 2 cups of Samba Wheat Puttupodi (This is a roasted flour of wheat, used to make the Keralite breakfast – […]

Food of the gods

Indian festivals seem to be all about food! Especially Ganesha habba. Come on, admit it. You lived for the kadubus and holiges and couldn’t wait for the puja to be over and done with as an eight year old. Running circle around the kitchen to sneak a bite. And the slaps on the wrist when […]



This is a kannada title – haal meaning milk and bai meaning mouth. I have no idea how it got its name though? For the uninitiated, it resembles a halwa. With the festive season in full swing, it makes a good dessert option. It is a sweet dish which even kids will relish. – Meena

Easy peanut-sugar chikki

My mother-in-law is SO good at making this, it’ll be a while before I can catch up! So here she is, making a favourite chewy munchie for the kids, again. Her recipe for peanut chikki… Ingredients: 1 cup roasted and coarsely ground peanuts. You need to roast and remove the outer skin before you can […]