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Strawberry cream cheese frosting

I am going to stop searching for recipes for dishes that have 3 ingredients. I mean when there are only 3 ingredients how tough can it be to figure what goes in, in what proportion ? I get all thrown off balance by all the references to gelatin, heavy cream, double cream, single cream (is […]

Cup cake play!

Scouring stores for cake decorations may seem a bit crazy, but hey, when you find them, they are SO worth the hunt! But I am yet to find really nice ones here in Bangalore. So if you know any stores, please do tell! In the meantime I ask friends traveling to India to bring some, […]

Cranberry bread-cake

What do you do when you are completely at a loose end, not  knowing where to pick up after a break… you bake. That seemed to be the only thing that would lift the inertia a little bit. And Saturday morning seemed ideal to start! And I did not figure if this was a cranberry […]

SugarCube, by the inimitable Sumeet!

First off, thanks to bro for introducing me to Sumeet. I’d never have known (so quickly at least!) that cupcakes to blow your mind are available right here in Bangalore. I mean, I’d have found out soon enough Sumeet and her venture Sugar Cube, has been featured in the last issue of Food Lovers. For […]

Cake and cup cake fest!

Dipti baked these lovelies way ago and it’s been on my to do list forever to publish! Here they are Dipti… thanks so much for sharing. They look absolutely lovely! – Anu My husband had a ‘Bake a Cake’ competition at his work place and I baked a chocolate cake along with some cupcakes for him. […]

Confetti cup cakes

Ever since my goodies in the form of multi-coloured sprinkles and icing arrived I’d been itching to use them.. on something! I nearly sprinkled some on curd rice, but held off. Looks aren’t everything right? You must be able to eat it! So I finally got around to making very simple cup cakes from this […]

Crazy Chocolate Cake

Okay, I was toying around the net in search of a super quick chocolate cake recipe and stumbled upon this recipe called Crazy Chocolate Cake…The name intrigued me and guess why it has ‘Crazy’ attached to it? Well, the method of making the cake is simple as it sounds :). I loved the fact […]

Patisserie Nitash, dessert haven in Bangalore

I first tasted a blueberry cheesecake from Patisserie Nitash at the Upper Crust food show months ago and have been meaning to do a post ever since!  Then we ordered a Berry Chocolicious for a dinner party and I still didn’t get around to the post..but here it is now! Patisserie Nitash has been covered in […]

A sweet baby shower menu

My cousin is going to have a baby in Jan 2011 and I had organised a baby shower for her. I went on the internet looking for ideas as to how to host a baby shower and got a whole lot of ideas! The most important thing was the baby shower cake which I ordered, with very adorable […]

Chocolate brownie, cake, crisp-top

It’s hard to put a name on this. Because with Aarohi Singh, a brownie isn’t just a brownie. Just like her art which is funny, has multiple personalities and gives you a sum total of a wonderful feeling. (STB had featured her art here). Here is Aarohi’s very healthy version of a chocolate brownie/cake. She […]