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Cup cake play!

Scouring stores for cake decorations may seem a bit crazy, but hey, when you find them, they are SO worth the hunt! But I am yet to find really nice ones here in Bangalore. So if you know any stores, please do tell! In the meantime I ask friends traveling to India to bring some, […]

Blueberry cheesecake bars

I know! It has been forever since I posted a recipe here, innit? Blame it entirely on new and exciting stuff (well, some not so exciting, just plain old work) that’s pretty much taken over the hours of the day and the days of the week for me… This totally easy and deelish cheesecake bar […]

SugarCube, by the inimitable Sumeet!

First off, thanks to bro for introducing me to Sumeet. I’d never have known (so quickly at least!) that cupcakes to blow your mind are available right here in Bangalore. I mean, I’d have found out soon enough Sumeet and her venture Sugar Cube, has been featured in the last issue of Food Lovers. For […]

Cherry crumble

The cherry, Red. Very red. Exotic in the occident. Rumour has it that it’s a sour fruit. Very photogenic, especially when photographed with the slender stems of two cherry fruits joined at the top to form a very elegant V. Ok ok, I haven’t cooked with cherries before, so they did seem rather exotic when I […]

Classic Chocolate Brownies

I prefer brownies that are crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside. This recipe will give you just that! Ingredients 400g white sugar 225g butter 45g cocoa powder 5ml vanilla essence (1 tea spoon) 4 eggs 190g baking flour (all purpose flour) ½ tea spoon baking soda ½ tea spoon salt Preparation 1. […]

Crazy Chocolate Cake

Okay, I was toying around the net in search of a super quick chocolate cake recipe and stumbled upon this recipe called Crazy Chocolate Cake…The name intrigued me and guess why it has ‘Crazy’ attached to it? Well, the method of making the cake is simple as it sounds :). I loved the fact […]

Patisserie Nitash, dessert haven in Bangalore

I first tasted a blueberry cheesecake from Patisserie Nitash at the Upper Crust food show months ago and have been meaning to do a post ever since!  Then we ordered a Berry Chocolicious for a dinner party and I still didn’t get around to the post..but here it is now! Patisserie Nitash has been covered in […]

Christmas goodies from Sharon

Put on your baking gloves and get to it! It’s truly the season to be getting all warmed up in front of the oven and dishing out gingerbread and cookies and cakes and sweets and what not! And Sharon got down to it alright! What I loved about Sharon’s baking was her innovative use of […]

Holiday gifting!

I like to say I like giving more than receiving, but then who’d believe me  😉 ? The DIY bug, however, has put me a very giving mood I must say. And gifting something that you’ve put effort into can be very satisfying. So I gift wrapped some cookies I’d made.  Actually, you don’t even […]

Cranberry-oats and blueberry-rice cereal cookies

It can’t be just another festive season drawing near. I been itching to bake some cookies, primarily, let me admit, to try some gift decorating. Well enough that the season’s here though, with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Here are two recipes from a magazine I bought long ago, a Holiday Cookies edition of […]