This blog started off as a place to quickly record recipes that don’t take much time to put together. The name happened when Supakitchenista suggested it from a technique I mentioned in an instant rava dosa recipe that I’d sent her :).

While it does have those, my friends and I started talking about more traditional, detailed recipes from our experiences at home and abroad, in the streets and in exotic locales. So now, it’s a full fledged recipe hub.

It’s a place to find short cuts to some great recipes! Recipes, new and innovative products, notes, restaurant reviews, arbit thoughts on food and what friends and readers have to say… if you love food, you can’t but leave drooling :).

And there’s so much more about food that excites us. The ingredients, shopping for them, setting that table just right, funky and cute kitchen accessories and gadgets, other’s food blogs, restaurants we like to frequent, there’s a whole world out there worth exploring.

So Srija, Devika, Prarthna, Supakitchenista, Andy, Meena and myself are loving writing about food and everything related now.

There’s plenty of kid friendly, healthy recipes. Check them out!

All of us have our own treasure trove of quick recipes, so be sure to contribute yours by using the form HERE or writing in at anu@scatterthebatter.com.

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