More than just Turkish coffee delight

The Turks have apparently mastered the art of making a good coffee. And we have to agree. On our first trip into the Spice Bazaar we saw copper vessels, well, smallish really, to be called vessels. They had long handles and a small spout like opening. And they looked gorgeous. Did not figure though, that it is in these that the Turks brew their coffee. Yes, freshly ground beans, water, a spoon to stir..and it is freshly made, each cup.

After all that walking and shopping, what better place than this cafe located on the third floor of a building right next to the Spice Bazaar. Quite by accident we found it, and it became a magical spot from where to sip a Turkish coffee and watch the people, street hawkers, boats, and everything Istanbul come to life as the evening matured.

turkish_coffee_baklava copy

…with some pistachio baklava.

The Turkish cappuccino with foam at the small cafes is lip smacking too. There is no foam in this lil cafe, but plenty of thick  cream..heaven.

cappucino copy

And the views.. less said….


coffeehouseview copy

And I found this delightful little snippet with pictures, on how Turkish coffee is made… Another trip to Istanbul, to buy those little copper pots which I did not get this time..?

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