Chillis and peppers

The second recipe on the table, after the chocolate cake of last week. Which is saying something, considering it has been about 6 months since I logged in to this site. Jamie Oliver..though I find him and his ever-so-cavalier shows..starts up an itch to try fresh fresh fresh ingredients.

So finding these super sized chillis and yes, big, socking lemons (not lime, not sweet lime, lemons), at the high-end grocer was the call to get cooking and get taking some pictures. Prohibitively expensive they are, so am sure to be using them up tomorrow as well!

So here is his chillis and peppers extravaganza (with a little variation). This is a small serving.

Chop up one big, red, chilli, a couple of fresno chillies (ripe yellow / green), and two medium sized tomatoes.


Yes, I finally have a miniscule herb garden! Chop some rosemary and basil sprigs, add to the chilli-tomato mix.


Add a few sliced black olives.

Splosh in a tablespoon of olive oil, one of lemon juice, and some salt. Stir well.

Slice two peppers in half, deseed. Fill them up with the mixture, press down. Place them on tin foil spread over a baking tray.

Peppers sliced, filled, and ready to go in the oven.


Sprinkle some olive oil over the sides of the peppers.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 deg C. For about 25 mins, until the peppers have softened.

Nicely softened…


Top with some feta..

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