Tender bean and corn salad

This super simple recipe has been too long in the making! Am sure it was almost a year ago that Ayesha told me about a friend having made this. Been meaning to try it out ever since. It is a simple, clean, and quick one.

You need:

  • Slender, tender green beans, washed, and chopped at an angle, into 1 inch long pieces. About 250 grams.
  • A cup of fresh corn.
  • A little butter /olive oil.
  • Some salt and pepper to sprinkle.

To make it:

  • Parboil the green beans over a stove or in the microwave in a little water. Let them cook a little, but retain the crunch. About 8 to 10 minutes. Drain the water and leave the beans out to cool a little.
  • Saute the fresh corn in a little olive oil or butter. Cool.
  • Toss the beans and corn together in a bowl, shake some salt and pepper over it. Ready!

It makes a crunchy side salad with any kinda meal.

beans and corn salad

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  1. cool anu

    i am trying my best to eat from what you have made.

    very tempting – for me its like mysore paaaaaak


    hows you hubby n the li,ll pranksters


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