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Another long over due post is here! Lots of stuff happening here – including a fun Sunday Soul Sante yesterday (until the rain gods buggered it, of course) and STB kitchen art was there. Thanks all who visited and bought kitchen art to liven up their home or a friend’s :)!

So here I am, trying to put some quality time back in the blog :). And this one promises to be a visual treat for sure – so read on!

I’ve seen stores selling spices and then again, I’ve seen stores selling spices! That’s the feeling I had when I stepped in to The Spice Route – at Mantri Mall, in Bangalore some months ago. The place sure draws you in with it’s complete elegance. And I love beige and ochre and earth colours, and this store just beckoned. Inside, walls of shelves with all kinds of Indian spices you have ever heard of. Glass jars showing off their contents – some of the best varieties of spices that any kitchen could need.

The Spice Route at Mantri Mall, BangaloreThe Spice Route is the result of a questioning thought process, one that asked – if India has such a rich heritage of spices and their contribution to world cuisine, why doesn’t it deserve the best retail experience? And the answer prompted Geeta Kannan, the founder, to set up just that – quite an ‘experience’.

The stores are beautifully maintained, the spices look good enough to eat right there. They source the best from all over India, and the few that I bought did testify that. “We have such a rich heritage and the best spices growing in India and they must be showcased in the best light. Our stores provide this experience to Indians and to those who travel here from other countries – they get to shop in a great ambience, which is really a tribute to what our country offers”.

Spices like cardamom, pepper, star anise, nutmeg, mace, turmeric; herbs like basil, parsely, marjoram and nuts are all proudly on display in the stores.

I leave you with glimpses of some of their other stores across the country.

The Spice Route 2

The Spice Route 3

The Spice Route 4

The Spice Route 5All photographs courtesy The Spice Route (GeethaKannan Spices Private Limited)


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4 Responses to “Stores: The Spice Route”

  1. Abha says:


    it was much fun being at your stall on sunday. of all the cards i seem to have lost yours!

    i also dropped you a mail but didnt get a response, so bugging you here! you think you can deliver the stuff we wanted by tomorrow? we have a big gettogether on sat morning and would LOVE to have this up before that.

    and that leaves me with a very short time in any case! do leme know asap. i hace also mailed you my number!

    that apart the store sounds absolutely fabulous!


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  2. Vaishnavi says:

    The store sounds beautiful Anu…makes an ideal gift for an India-unknown. I was at the sante too, where were you placed?

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  3. Anu says:

    Hi Vaishnavi! Thanks for stopping by. I was at stall no.144… it was quite a crowd this time!

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  4. Divya says:

    We have been buying rasam powder from your mantri mall outlet for a long time and are used to it. Now, I have learnt that the store is closed. Can you please let me know if there are any other branches/offices from where I can buy the rasam powder? Please do get back to me. Thank you.

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