Blueberry cheesecake bars

I know! It has been forever since I posted a recipe here, innit? Blame it entirely on new and exciting stuff (well, some not so exciting, just plain old work) that’s pretty much taken over the hours of the day and the days of the week for me…

This totally easy and deelish cheesecake bar recipe has been on my mind to share for like, ages! I made it weeks ago and then took pics and all, and they’ve been crying for attention :).

Remember those fresh blueberries I’d mentioned are some times available at Namdhari’s? These are those. The Britannia cream cheese is also back on the shelves, though sporadically. It’s good cream cheese and not forbiddingly expensive like the “imported” ones.

And I found just the perfect recipe – here. has so many other fabulous recipes too, be sure to check them out!

I followed the recipe to the T and for once, am happy to say the results looked exactly the same as in their pics. Must say, that gives satisfaction! For you too?

Here go the pics… (I didn’t want to repeat the whole recipe here, ‘coz bakedbree has a beautifully detailed recipe post, with pics for every stage of the cheesecake making process).

Batter all poured in with dashes of  blueberries + syrup.

blueberry cheesecake bar 1Freshly baked! Just let it cool, remove from pan, slice into as large slices as possible, load with whipped cream and … enjoy!

blueberry cheesecake bar 2

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