Hand grenades (cheese, onion bread roll)

Once in a while, the deep-fry syndrome hits. And no matter what you do, your feet are dragged to the cabinet with the kadai and your hands irrevocably reach for the oil can. Well, what I do is give up and quietly get some lip-smacking ingredients ready for a tum-smacking snack. So this time when it hit, I was reminded of my pal Aiyisha’s bread rolls. SO pro they looked, at a tea party she hosted recently for all our collective kiddos (friends’ I mean!). This is her recipe.

Mine didn’t turn out as elegant or as perfectly shaped as hers (blame it on the food grade, thin plastic I did not have). But they were scrumptious just the same. The method is very old – dating back in my memory to the “hand grenades” that hub mentions used to be cooked up in the mess kitchens of his hostel. There they used to fill the bread with potato curry. This one’s more ‘continental’ with cheese, onions and chillies.

You need:
6-8 cubes of processed cheese (any brand), grated
A little salt
2 onions, chopped fine
Oil to saute
1 large green chilli, chopped fine (add or minus depending on your spice factor)
A loaf of bread, with the edges trimmed off
A little water
Oil to deep fry
Food grade plastic to roll the bread rolls in

Making the grenades:
Saute the onion in a little oil until they are browned
Add the chillies, salt and saute some more.
Take off the heat and mix in the grated cheese to make a nice filling. Keep aside.

Put the oil to heat (to deep fry) in a kadai (deep pan).
On a plate or a board, lay out the slices of bread. Spoon a bit of the filling on to the middle of the bread.
Damp the edges of the slice of bread with a little water (or you can use milk).
Roll the slice over to cover the filling and tuck in the damp edges on top and sides to seal the filling completely.
Place in a square of plastic and roll tightly and twist the ends like you would a chocolate. Pack them up in a row in a box – you can refrigerate them this way and deep fry when you are ready. Or get a batch ready, rolled. Fry after ten minutes. Rolling them up makes the rolls compact and gives them a nice shape (not like mine :) ).

Now the oil is hot, just pop in the rolls and deep fry unitl golden brown.
Be sure to serve piping hot.

cheese onion bread rolls

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  1. Susmitha - Veganosaurus says:

    Damn! Now you’ve reminded me of the potato bread rolls we used to have as kids! I’m craving some right now and it’s the middle of the night!

    Yours look well shaped to me, by the way. :)

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