Wonka’s chocolate wonderland, not fiction

For those who grew up thinking everlasting gobstoppers were the ultimate in cool candy or Kazoozles were not just tongue candy but twisters – rejoice. Wonka’s candy is for real!

wonka's candy 1When Nestle decided to create the Willy Wonka Candy Company they were on to a gold mine.. of kids who had been swept up and away into Roald Dahl’s imaginary world of chocolate waterfalls and Wonka gummies. Like me. Believe me I was super thrilled to see these little treats at a chocolate store near home – that my hands automatically grabbed, even before my son’s could :).

The brand was created by nestle as far back as 1971 apparently (!!!) but jeez, it took decades for it to appear in this little country? Whatever, I’m glad they finally here!

Thanks to chocolate importers doing their job seriously, you can now get your hands on these at Rs.80 a pop. Hmmmm yes, luxury, but definitely worth it for a treat! I picked these up at Choco world, on 27th Cross at 4th Block Jayanagar. It’s a little store filled from floor to the roof with – CHOCOlate!

wonka's candy 2Now run away here and go dream some more!

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